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English as a Second Language

Programme of Studies: English 30 ECTS

Name of the module: English for primary school teachers

Target group: Future Primary school teachers of English

Level of the unit: Undergraduate

Entrance requirements: B2 (European Language Portfolio Self Assessment)

Number of ECTS credits: 30 ECTS

Competences to be developed: Cf. learning outcomes


After completing the course, the student should be able to:



Learning outcomes

Educational activities



student work time in hours

Describe and analyse processes of culture and the development of the English language as a lingua franca.


Lectures and workshops on English as an international language as well as language history

Written test and/or oral and written presentations.


Communicate accurately, fluently, confidently, appropriately and creatively in English in various genres and media. That includes proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Academic writing exercises


Oral presentations


Listening comprehension exercises


Reading comprehension exercises

Written assignments and continuous assessment.


Describe and analyse linguistic elements, i.e. grammar, phonetics and vocabulary.


Introduction to linguistics. Lectures and workshops.

Written test and/or assignments.


Describe and analyse theories of language acquisition and language learning.


Workshops on methodological issues. Lectures.

Written and oral presentations, preferably in conjunction with internship.



Read, discuss and analyse various types of texts (e.g. multimodal, literary and non-fictional texts).


A number of literary and non-fiction texts are studied and analysed.

Written assignments and continuous assessment.


Organise, implement and assess the teaching and learning of English in the primary classroom, by means of various tools, and in this way create a rich and including learning environment.


Internship in local school.


Assessed by tutor together with lecturer at the university.

Continuous assessment + written assignments.



All the above modules include language teaching and learning methods and theories from a future language teacher’s perspective. I.e. at the same time as the students better their own proficiency as far as language performance, analysis and communication are concerned, they should also train the ability to teach these competences.


ICT comes in as an integral part of all modules.