European Teacher Education for Primary School > The project objectives:

The project objectives:

were to:

  • analyze and describe best practices in a number of European countries in teacher education for primary schools,
  • bring together academic staff in teacher education from many different European countries to gather knowledge and methods from each other in teacher education,
  • facilitate staff and student mobility as a relevant and necessary part of a common developmental project promoting high performance and awareness of a European dimension in the national programmes for teacher education,
  • create a virtual environment to support the professional and social connections,
  • create a project in teacher education with an integrating effect in the European community, thus creating a sense of European citizenship,
  • contribute to the realisation of a European Higher Education Area,
  • confront traditions in teacher education in different European countries with the aim of choosing the best practice to be implemented in a joint program for teacher education,
  • postpone the needs for a European based concept of accreditation of tertiary education, including a European based qualification framework,
  • establish the foundation and realisation of agreements for recognizing modules, subjects and even degrees between some European countries and thereby develop an integrated program covering a complete joint bachelor degree,
  • contribute the specifically European based democratic values of social cohesion, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue to the global community,
  • enrol the first students in the programme in 2009.